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Tree surgery in Cairns

Dead limb — Tree Surgery in Gordonvale, QLD
Although when a tree is diseased or older and dropping dead limbs dangerously close to a house or vehicle, the first instinct is usually to have it cut down. However, this step is not always necessary. In many cases, it is completely unnecessary. Our goal is to preserve trees whenever possible, and feasible based on our customer’s desires. Trees are not only living things, but they are also ecosystems and provide homes for a multitude of other living organisms. Not only that, but they provide oxygen for the planet, shade and many other benefits that make them worth saving if possible. That is where tree surgery comes in.
Tree surgery, as the name suggests, involves cutting into the tree in order to remove diseased portions, fill in cavities and do any other specialised tasks that may help the tree return to good health. We’ll remove any dead or precariously dangling branches, and do everything we can to ensure the tree will grow strong and no longer pose as a potential hazard. Our goal is always safety, so we won’t leave a tree if there is a risk to your home or family. However, we also don’t want to remove a tree that is able to be saved. We can return many trees to beauty with a little careful planning and skill.

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tree surgery in Cairns with Caino’s Tree Care.

Whether you have a tree that is becoming a safety hazard, or you want to nip things in the bud with a tree that is only looking a little worse for wear, we can help you with your project. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are a staple of Australian living, as they are in many tropical climates, but they pose their own risks and rewards. We provide palm tree trimming to remove dead and browning fronds to keep them looking their best. The fruit and pods on the trees are also a risk because they often draw in fruit bats and other pests, so we remove all fruit from the trees as well to prevent any unwanted visitors.

Tree Health Restorations

We have been able to accomplish numerous tree health restorations in Cairns and other areas. There are few things more rewarding than taking a tree that was sick and nearly dead and giving it new life. We have the skills and equipment necessary to handle even the most complex of tree surgery jobs, so you can feel good about letting us handle your tree surgery or restoration job. We have many satisfied customers who can attest to our commitment to not only the trees but to the safety of our clients and their homes as well.