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Tree stump removals in Cairns

Tree stump — Tree Stump Removals in Gordonvale, QLD
At Caino’s Tree Care, we provide tree and stump removals for the Cairns area. Removing trees is dangerous work and should only be undertaken by trained professionals. Not only does felling trees require a lot of specialised skill and knowledge in order to do it safely, but it also involves a lot of machinery to get the job done efficiently. Trees, especially large ones, can be highly dangerous if they fall on humans, pets or homes. We remove trees that are deemed a hazard to people or property in order to reduce the risks to you and your family. Our team has the skills needed to get the job done safely—safety is our number one priority—and to ensure it is done quickly and within budget.
Once the tree is taken care of, you are left with that stump. We also provide stump removal so your property can maintain a flat and smooth surface without the unsightly and annoying stump in the way. Although they do not pose any real danger, stumps can get in the way of mowing the lawn, and they create an eyesore for you to have to look at. We can get rid of those stumps for you, so you have the freedom to enjoy your yard again in whatever way you choose without limitations.

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We will come over to provide a quote, and to do a quick survey of your job. In some cases, homeowners may think a tree needs to come down, when it really may only need some care in order to get it back in good health. If you do want a tree removed, either due to a safety hazard or because it is in the way of something you wish to do in your yard, we can remove or relocate the tree quickly and effectively. While we’re assessing your job, we’ll get all the information we can and then offer an accurate quote. Once you agree to the quote and we have a full understanding of the job, we can schedule your appointment for tree and stump removal.

Give us a call today to get started on your project. One of our trained associates will be happy to schedule your quote, so we can get going as soon as possible. Get in touch today to find out more!