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Frequently asked questions—Cairns

Do you have questions about tree care? We have answers! We have gathered some of the questions we are asked most often, so you can get the answers you need. If you still want additional information, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional arborists to discuss your upcoming project.
Q: How do I know if a tree is hazardous?
A: For starters, trees that are close to houses or parking areas are the most likely to become a hazard if they fall. Secondly, even if a tree is near your home, it probably isn’t a risk if it’s still healthy, doesn’t have any dead limbs and has a secure root system. Some types of trees may be more likely to fall than others, but in general a healthy tree is a stable tree. Trees which are diseased or dead are the ones that can become a danger.
Q: How can I tell if a tree is dead?
What should I do if I have a dead tree near my home?
Q: What is a tree surgeon?
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


“Great Job was done by Caine and his team. Clean, tidy and quick tree felling and mulching. Really impressed with them and will fully recommend their services and use them again if needed.”
— Jackie - Cairns
“Very happy. The guys do a great job and more. With a great response time. Will recommend to all. Great price. Thanks, Cainos tree care. The place looks so much better.”
— Rod – Edmonton