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Tree service in Cairns

Caino’s Tree Care provides a full tree service throughout Cairns and surrounding locations. We have a unique way of handling troublesome trees—we climb them. Not many tree services have this skill anymore, but we find that by getting up close and personal with the trees, we can better assess the potential damage, decide whether a tree can be saved or needs to be felled and can perform our duties more easily. Additionally, we are able to do this without digging into the tree, so it does not damage and allows a healthy tree to stay that way. Because we are able to climb both large and small trees, we are not hindered by terrain and tight spaces as we would be when using certain machinery.
We are proud to offer the Cairns area with a wide range of tree services. Whether you have a dead tree that needs to be taken down, or you have a sick tree that you would like to save, we can help you reach your goals while paying a reasonable price.

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Tree removal — Tree Service in Gordonvale, QLD

Tree & Stump Removal

While removing a large tree should always be a last resort; sometimes it’s unavoidable. This is especially true if the tree is dead, or damaged beyond repair. We provide tree removal services to get rid of potentially dangerous trees on your property, and we ... Read more
Tree surgery — Tree Service in Gordonvale, QLD

Tree Surgery

Sometimes all a tree needs is a little TLC to restore it to vigour and beauty. We offer tree surgery services to cut away sick or damaged branches in order to allow the tree to come back stronger. This is often a preferable option to removal if the tree can be saved.
Stump grinding — Tree Service in Gordonvale, QLD

Stump Grinding

Once the tree is gone, you’re left with that ugly stump. No worries. We provide stump grinding services to remove the stump from your property, so you are left with nothing but smooth yard space.
Smiling arborist — Tree Service in Gordonvale, QLD

24-Hour Emergency

Is there a tree that is causing immediate danger to your family or your property? Give us a call, and we will be right out. We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency services, so you don’t have to wait for help during business hours.